Jennerjahn Production Line History

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Danco Paper’s production line was made up of a few very out-of-date paper rewinders. It was all we could afford at the time. Business was growing, but if we wanted to play in the big leagues it required taking a huge risk – purchase a brand new Jennerjahn. This was a huge financial commitment,but the pros outweighed the cons. The Jennerjahn machine would replace the six out-of-date rewinders, open more production capacity for growth and most importantly, allow us to offer more competitive pricing due to the Jennerjahn’s efficiencies.

2004 – Danco Paper took the leap and purchased our first Jennerjahn.

It took 5 years, however slowly but surely our business grew and our one and only Jennerjahn got to full capacity. In 2009, we invested in our second Jennerjahn allowing for continued growth and expansion into more product lines, like Food Service.

2009 – Like the little engine that could, business is slowly growing . The second Jennerjahn came available at Danco Paper.

For the next 9 years, business grew at a faster rate. New product lines added, more and more business relationships established and increased demand for paper products all contributed to our success.

2012 – Jennerjahn #3, 2014 – Jennerjahn #4, 2016 – Jennerjahn #5, and 2018 – Jennerjahn #6.

Every time our Jennerjahns met capacity, we invested in another one. Each Jennerjahn is geared towards to a certain product line. Not only did we invest in new machinery to keep up with demand, but it was of the upmost importance for us to maintain our promises to our customers – fast lead times, a consistent supply line and a business partner that can grow with every distributor.

What’s in the future for Danco Paper?

We have ambitious goals for the next 10 years to add more catalog items, develop brand new and innovative products, expand capabilities and in turn, invest in one Jennerjahn per year. We look forward to continuing to grow with our customers.