VCI Papers and Reinforced Polyscrim


VCI Paper

For large metal items, heavy loads or anything that’s bound for export shipment, corrosion protective packaging is a must. That’s where VCI paper is important.

VCI paper is specially treated to keep moisture away from metal coils, wiring, machinery and other surfaces where corrosion protection is important. It’s strong enough to resist tearing or punctures, while flexible enough to conform to irregular shapes on pallets. VCI paper resists grease, oil, water and other contaminants and protects well enough that a pallet can be unwrapped and parts or machinery can be put into use right away, with no prep involved. It’s a perfect protective paper for automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and many other applications.

Reinforced Polyscrim

For tougher packaging jobs that need robust protection from corrosion, polyscrim is a great choice. Reinforced polyscrim paper is a heavy-duty kraft paper that features a tri-directional grid of scrim reinforcement. This sturdy paper is great for interleaving between layers, using as a pallet liner or protecting loads that may be irregularly-shaped or have sharp metal parts or heavy tools. It’s an excellent choice for metalworking, automotive, aircraft or other applications where corrosion protection has to be combined with great strength and tear resistance.