Thin margins, price wars and high commodity are all common reasons Kraft paper may be overlooked as a potential business differentiator.
We are here to tell you that even though Kraft paper can be all of those characteristics listed above; with education and asking the RIGHT questions, you can create returns that you may not have thought paper could bring.

Just by knowing all of the paper types and capabilities Danco offers can increase your success rate in the field. How? The more paper types and customized offerings at your disposal, the more capable you are of helping your customers create solutions – whether it’s cost savings, better paper grade to application pairings, storage space savings or increased profitability. Visit to become familiar with everything we offer.

Asking The Right Questions
One question could completely change the result of a sales meeting. We’ve seen success over and over with our distributors who know all of our offerings and also show a genuine interest in solving their customers paper needs.

The biggest question we ask is “why?” Is the paper being used now, the best fit for the customer? Or is it just being used because it is cheap and easy to get? Are there pain points with their product? Perhaps switching to a different grade or size will save them on product waste or time. When in doubt, ask us!

Utilize our paper expertise so you’re always recommending the right product and asking the right questions. To contact our team, fill out the form on our Contact Page or call us between 8am – 4pm CST at (630) 949.8112