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MIN Roll Width: 2”
MAX Roll Width: 84“

Product can be run on to 1, 2, and 3 inch cores or coreless.

MIN Length: 150”
MAX Length: Depends on paper grade.

Rewinder can run a finished roll up to an 18” Outside Diameter or OD. If the paper grade has a lower (thinner) basis weight that will allow more length to run until it reaches an 18” OD than at a higher (thicker) basis weight.


A machine that slits and/or rewinds smaller rolls from one larger master roll.



MIN Sheet Size: 2” x 2“

MAX Sheet Size: Up to 60” wide, and up to 72” long


A machine that cuts uniform sheets from large master rolls.



Embossing (also known as Indenting) gives the flat paper a three-dimensional pattern to improve certain physical properties of the flat paper – for example, increase bulk, water absorbency, softness and increase surface friction.

It’s Not Just a Product. It’s A Capability.

With Danco’s embossing capability, we can take any flat paper through the indenting process.

Greater Cushioning

Indented Kraft offers greater cushioning capabilities that serves as a protective alternative when packing and shipping fragile items.

Higher Bulk

The embossing process increases the “bulkiness” of the sheet, allowing less paper consumption and higher savings when void fill is the designated application.


Indented Kraft is not only used in packing applications such as interleaving, void fill or wrapping, but also
for several other industry uses like cage-liner, floor protector and crafts for its unique look.

Embossing Machine



Danco offers 1-Color Random-Repeat (Unregistered) Flexographic Printing in house.

Random-Repeat (Unregistered) Printing: The print appears multiple times in varying positions and is more economical than registered printing where specific print orientation is the objective.

Flexographic Printing: The use of custom flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders is an efficient method for printing large orders at rapid speeds.

Printing is an added value for customers who want their branding to stand out and is especially popular in the Food Service industry. This is not only an added bonus for the distributor but their customers as well.