The two paper products seem pretty similar in appearance, feel and texture, but they are designed for two different purposes. Let’s clarify:

Freezer Paper

Freezer paper needs to seal in juices as it protects meats from freezer burn. The layer of polycoating on freezer paper is designed for both of those aims, while keeping the paper flexible enough to conform and wrap snugly enough for an airtight seal.

Danco’s made-in-USA freezer paper is available in the following colors and grades:

  • 30/5 natural only
  • 35/5 white and natural available
  • 40/5 white and natural available
  • 47/7 white only


Parchment Paper

While freezer paper is designed to protect and preserve food during transport or at sub-freezing temperatures, Danco’s silicone parchment paper is specifically designed for extreme heat, making it perfect for baking and many other foodservice applications.

Parchment paper can hold up under heat as high as 450 degrees F, meaning it can withstand boiling water, steam, dry oven heat or even pan frying applications. It’s economical, too – parchment paper can be used as much as ten times. It provides for easy cleanup and release of food that’s been cooked (without putting off chemicals), and is a perfect healthy alternative to aluminum foil.

Need parchment paper? Freezer paper? We’ve got you covered with our wide range of foodservice papers here at Danco.