Gray Bogus Paper Uses and Applications


What Is Gray Bogus Paper?

If you need an industrial-grade paper that’s soft enough to protect delicate parts without scratching or leaving a residue, bogus paper is a great choice. 

Gray bogus paper is recycled newsprint, with the dark ink giving its gray appearance during the recycling process. Similar to kraft paper (but softer), it’s an ideal paper for void fill in packaging, interleaving or wrapping individual parts. The bulkiness of this paper also helps prevent parts or pieces from shifting during transport. 

Bogus paper is 100 percent sustainable, free of additives or coatings and (of course) made in the USA. Consider gray bogus paper for a packing material or industrial paper that protects and cushions while offering a more comfortable handling experience for shipping-and-receiving departments.

Gray Bogus Paper Uses and Applications

The main use of Gray Bogus Paper  is for wrapping items to protect them against scratches and rubbing in transport but this multi-purpose recycled paper, provides excellent absorbency at a lighter weight, and tears easily; making Gray Bogus perfect for:

  • Wrapping products or personal assets.
  • Packaging void filling and cushioning.
  • Stage backing.
  • Product interleaving.
  • Banners and signs.
  • Glassware protection.
  • School paper or crafts.
  • Soaking up grease.