In 2010, one of our food service distributors came to us with requests they were receiving from their restaurant customers; particularly relating to pan liner sheet sizes.

Typically, the standard for pan liners are as 16” x 24” or 8” x 12” sheets; however, in lower volume or custom baking scenarios, the standard sheet sizes are not convenient. Restaurants would have to waste time and money figuring out how to make the standard pan liner sheets work for them instead of having a pan liner that fits their needs.

Also, the alternative to pan liner sheets would be to use the baking pans themselves. This meant even more time and money spent on cleaning the pans. Not really a desirable alternative.

We looked to see if the requests coming in were similar; and unfortunately, even though there were a lot of custom pan liner requests, each one had low quantities and ranged extensively in sizing. The next option we looked at was creating a new product for them, one that fit most of their needs.

We came up with the idea of a putting a pan liner roll inside a heavy-duty dispenser box. The restaurant customer would then have the flexibility to tear off what they needed; providing a one-size-fits-all solution for any custom application.

Danco’s 15” x 360’ Parchment Pan Liner Paper In Dispenser Box

At the time, a pan liner roll in dispenser box was not available in the marketplace for commercial use. Most likely do to the complexity in converting a pan liner paper into a small roll versus a standard sheet.

With the demand for these custom requests, we were up for the challenge to use whatever resources we had to create the pan liner dispenser box.

With a wide variety of packaging customers in our network, we knew exactly who to turn to that could share their expertise and resources on creating a heavy duty dispenser box.

Here at Danco, we convert paper, that’s what we do, so having a diverse customer-base in the packaging industry made product development a lot more turn-key than if we didn’t have our customers as resources.

Once the dispenser box was complete and the converting of the pan liner roll was dialed in, it was ready to be put the box on the shelf; and that is basically all the exposure the new product received. No marketing campaigns, no buzz around a new product launch, nothing. At the time, we figured the demand was there, profits would come eventually.

Even with an old school marketing methodology at practice; we were right, profits did come. It was a slow start but since launching in 2010, sales have continued to grow 20% year over year. Today, out of the 30+ products offered to this distributor, the pan liner dispenser box is the second grossing product for us.

In 2018, our vision is to continue to expand into new developments, helping customers turn their new product ideas into a reality or filling a gap in the marketplace.

Stay tuned for more success stories.