Also known as “sack paper,” Kraft paper is a heavy, tough paper with great tear resistance, elasticity and burst strength. It’s a great choice for dozens of applications, such as packaging, interleaving between layers of parts, paper sacks for cement, food, flour, etc. It’s even the base paper that sandpaper is made from! 

It’s a paper that’s made from renewable softwood but it can be produced from a wide variety of pulp sources, including southern pine and even kenaf or bamboo. It’s 100 percent recyclable and is often made from recycled materials, and it’s a fantastic alternative to plastic products that are made from crude oil. 

At Danco Paper, we carry: 

  • Recycled Kraft paper that’s 100 percent derived from recycled sources
  • Virgin Kraft paper, with a greater tear-resistance and burst strength than recycled Kraft
  • Indented Kraft, which has been put through an embossing process and is commonly used for tougher packaging needs
  • Waxed Kraft paper, a 30# paper that has a tough coating that protects parts or tools from oil, grease, and water
  • Polycoated Kraft paper, a heavy 50# Kraft available with a poly coating on one or both sides for an added measure of protection
  • Black Kraft, a specialty paper that’s popular for arts and crafts or as a backing for photographs in picture frames