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Deli Paper

Available in Sheets


Standard Deli Paper Sheets

The Standard Deli Sheet grade is uncoated but specially treated during the paper-making process to resist most grease and moisture. It is ideal for wrapping sandwiches and lining food baskets. The paper’s breathability makes it a good choice for a bread and pastry wrap.

Heavyweight Deli Paper Sheets

Danco Paper’s Heavyweight Deli Sheet is designed for ultimate moisture protection. A thin layer of polycoating gives this grade an unmatched ability to hold back moisture, even for the greasiest sandwiches.

Multiple Uses For Both Deli Paper Sheet Grades

  • Bakery pick up sheet
  • Deli and sandwich wrap
  • Scale sheet
  • Basket liner

Features & Benefits

  • Specially treated for durability and moisture resistance
  • Made in USA
  • Kosher Certified

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