5 colors of Steak Paper


5 colors of Steak Paper at Danco Paper are white, black, green, peach, and pink. Steak paper is commonly seen presenting steak, pork, poultry, and fish in grocery stores and butcher shop display cases. Steak Paper sheets are durable and densely constructed to keep out air, helping to prevent meat from turning brown and oxidizing. The results increase the display life of meat by preserving its color and moisture content.

Colorful steak paper can also help meat, poultry and seafood stand out in grocery, butcher or deli display cases. The right color of food service paper can make a great impact on the presentation, not only do the colors look nice but are actually each curated for specific uses. Each specially treated to maintain high quality meat displays.

Available steak paper options and uses include:


  • Black Steak Paper, used to display higher quality beef such as angus. Black makes a sophisticated impact and conveys the “prime” quality of high-grade steaks.
  • Green Steak Paper, a nice contrast against the bright color of steak and other cuts of beef. The bold shade of green never varies from the specific color that has been used for years.
  • Peach Steak Paper, helps make the pink tint of pork, poultry, fish look even whiter, while helping preserve freshness.
  • White Steak Paper, a more general common use paper that you’ll find at most chain grocery stores.
  • Pink Steak Paper, typically used for pork, poultry and fish. Pink steak paper complements the hue of the meat and also preserves freshness.

Looking for what is right for you and your business needs, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of foodservice papers here at Danco.