The beauty of paper products is that they are inherently renewable, which is a stark difference from plastics or foam packaging, and the beauty of renewable products is that they also make good sense from a business standpoint.

At Danco Paper, we’re committed to sustainability and to lowering our carbon footprint. It’s a great way for us (and you, the consumer) to do our part in protecting the world that we all share.

Almost all of the paper products that we carry are 100% recycled materials, made from renewable resources, and are 100% recyclable when they’ve served their purpose.

Danco Paper products made from 100% recycled paper include:

  • Linerboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Gray Bogus paper
  • Indented Kraft paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Red Rosin
  • Green and Brown Masking

Paper products from Danco Paper that are 100% recyclable include:

  • Virgin Kraft
  • Bright White Table Covers
  • Newsprint
  • Glassine
  • Black Kraft
  • Engineering and inkjet bond papers

We’re pitching in to help conserve resources and reduce waste, and you can too!

100% Recyclable

This symbol indicates the paper product may be recycled after use. Unlike many plastic and poly packaging product lines at other companies, most of the paper products at Danco Paper are 100% recyclable.
Made from 100% Recycled Material

This symbol indicates that the paper product is composed of 100% recycled material from pre-& post-consumer waste. Most of the paper products at Danco Paper are made of renewable and sustainable resources.