Last quarter, I shared how my experience in working in the warehouse has assisted not only my success as a sales rep, but my customers as well. In this quarter’s ROI Edge issue, I will share the takeaways from having hands-on experience as a customer service rep that has also assisted in the sales environment.

For years, I handled day-to-day interactions with our customers – order entry, status updates, invoicing, pricing, customer support, and everything in between. The skills I developed during those years have been extremely valuable, but the most important take-away from that position was how to reach customers at a personal level; to help them accomplish what they need.

Talking to customers every day, learning what motivates them, what problems they face and gaining insight on what makes them tick has sharpened my communication and trust building abilities. Below are those customer service knowledge bombs that have provided an invaluable sales environment to better assist my customers:

Customers love it when:

  • A sales rep asks good questions: Knowing what questions to ask increases process efficiency – from new opportunity introduction to creating a personalized program.
  • A sales rep is trustworthy: Learning how to establish trust quickly by having an attention to detail attitude in every task and really caring about the customer’s experience goes a long way.
  • A sales rep is an expert: Having well-rounded product knowledge from pricing, to market insights, to product application and production capabilities can open doors to new opportunities.
  • A sales rep is likeable: Business is about relationships. Since we are talking to our customers on a regular basis, it helps to be easy going, friendly, have a bit of wit and know how to be personable not matter the personality differences.

Big thank you to our customers who have been there as I moved into different positions at Danco. I look forward to working with you more in the upcoming years.