Blue & White vs. Brown & Green Masking Paper: Which Masking Paper Is Best?


Between surface prep, priming and masking, there’s a lot of work to be done before you start any painting job. Masking is especially important – you need masking paper that will effectively seal off and protect areas where you don’t want overspray. Effective masking is almost an art in itself, and the right masking paper for the job will depend on the area you need to cover, the contours of the surface and how tough the paper needs to be. Danco has a couple of masking paper options for effective paint barriers:

  • Blue and white polycoated masking paper is a heavier paper stock, and its strength makes it a good pick for tough painting jobs. The polycoat surface is designed for strength and protection, as well as being a top-notch barrier to prevent paint penetration. Customers have found it’s a great choice for automotive, aircraft or residential painting jobs.
  • Brown and green masking papers from Danco are 100% recycled and untreated for extra flexibility when you have to cover odd-shaped surfaces. The uncoated, untreated surface discourages lint and dust from accumulating while still doing a great job of protection from paint drips or overspray.

Blue and white masking paper is available by the roll, while brown and green masking paper is available by the roll or by the sheet.