All About Food Grade Paper Options

Food grade paper is in direct contact with food regularly, and has to meet certain criteria for food safety as well as strength. There are numerous types of food-grade paper for specific jobs and applications:

  • Butcher paper: The smooth surface of butcher paper makes it an ideal choice for delis and butcher shops, and it’s tough enough to hold up to hard use even when wet. Butcher paper also makes a great table cover for casual settings, and it holds up under heat well enough to be suitable for smoking meat on a BBQ. Choose from pink, white or natural butcher paper
  • Table covers: Sturdy and attractive, table covers are a great timesaver and the perfect way to protect table linen or table surfaces for casual occasions. Choose from bright white, premium white or premium natural covers, made in USA and available in 1000-foot rolls. 
  • Freezer paper: Freezer paper is similar to butcher paper, but it has the added qualities of being able to conform tightly when wrapping food and protecting food against freezer burn. It’s durable, moisture-resistant to seal in juices, and FDA approved. Choose from 30/5 white, 35/5 white or natural, 40/5 white or 47/5 white. 
  • Pizza sheets: Designed for the high temperatures of a pizza oven while allowing food to peel off easily, pizza sheets are also great for baking and make a great alternative to using foil. Choose from several sizes — Made In USA!
  • Pan liners: Designed for high temperatures, pan liner sheets are silicone treated for resistance to grease and oil and for a great non-stick surface. They’re reusable and (of course) can stand up to high temperatures, whether from dry heat, fryer grease or boiling water. 
  • Parchment paper: Similar to pan liners, parchment paper is silicone treated for baking and is a great economical choice. 
  • Deli paper: A popular choice for restaurants, deli paper is uncoated but treated to hold up when wet or greasy. It’s the perfect choice for lining baskets, wrapping sandwiches or handling bread and pastries. And of course, Danco’s deli paper is Made In USA!
  • Steak paper: Durable and treated to preserve fresh meat and prevent oxidization, steak paper is perfect for pork, fresh fish and poultry as well! Choose from black, white, peach, pink or green – whichever will be the best compliment for the fresh meat you’re wanting to display.