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Paper 101

Specs & Measurements

Paper 101


Everything You Need To Know

100% Recycled Material

Paper product is composed of 100% recycled material from pre- & post-consumer waste.

Basis Weight

The weight in pounds per 500 sheets (ream of paper) of a given grade of paper, cut to its standard sheet size. For all paper grades in this guide, except Bond papers, the standard sheet size is 24” x 36”. For Bond papers, the standard sheet size is 17” x 22”.


Packaging unit for cut sheets of paper. Wrapped with a Reinforced Polyscrim to prevent bursting if torn.

The amount of sheets in a bundle. Usually an approximation based on a calculation from the unit’s weight (lbs.).

Weight (lbs.) of a packed bundle.


The thickness of a sheet of paper, usually measured in “Mils” or one thousandth of an inch.


Corrugated box used to hold roll(s) and sheets of product.

Case Cube

The volume (i.e. quantity of three-dimensional space) of the case.

Case Quantity

Total amount of rolls or sheets inside the case.

Case Weight

Weight (lbs.) of a case with finished product inside.

Core Size

The diameter of the tube, in Danco’s case – a paperboard tube – on which paper is wound.


Cube is a unit measure of volume described in square feet. Calculated using length, width and height of the finished product.


Embossing (also known as Indenting) gives the flat paper a three-dimensional pattern to improve certain physical properties of the flat paper – for example, increase bulk, water absorbency, softness and increase surface friction.

Food Service Papers

Baking, storing, displaying and transporting food are everyday uses of our food service paper line.

Industrial Papers

Commonly seen in packaging, manufacturing & shipping operations.

Item #

Reference # used by Danco to identify products.

Length - Roll

The linear footage of the paper on the roll.

Length - Sheet

The longer dimension (in inches) of a sheet of paper.

Outside Diameter (OD)

Looking at the face of the finished roll (where you can see the roll’s layers), the Outside Diameter or OD, is the measurement in inches from one outside edge to the other. It can be calculated using the rolled length of the material, thickness of the material and diameter of the roll’s core.


Also known as a “skid.” A pallet is a portable wooden platform for handling, storing or moving materials. Danco uses standard 4-way, 40” x 48” wooden
pallets. Other sizes and configurations are available upon request.

Paper Grade

A type of paper classification that helps distinguish it from other papers on the basis of its physical properties and characteristics.

Protection Papers

These papers are typically used to prevent damage of various metal goods, retail items or delicate works of art. Also seen as surface barriers in construction scenarios.


Paper product may be recycled after use.

Recycled Paper

Any used paper returned to the paper mill (including pre-consumer and post-consumer waste) as a source of fiber. Recycled Paper is sometimes mixed with virgin fibers to make up various grades of paper.


A machine that slits and/or rewinds smaller rolls from one larger roll.

Skid Quantity

The number of units (rolls/bundles/boxes/sheets) that can be packed on a skid (a 40” x 48” wooden pallet). Sometimes expressed using TI/HI.

Specialty Papers

This line includes our Engineering, InkJet and Black Kraft papers – all used in very niche applications.


Additional chemical steps are taken to alter the properties of the paper to make it more suitable for the designated end use.


A large, skid-sized corrugated container used for protecting rolls during shipment.


Paper in its natural form, free of extra additives.

Width - Roll

The measurement in inches across one end of a paper roll to the other.

Width - Sheet

The shorter dimension (in inches) of a sheet of paper.